"Evaluate in PERL" -service lets you evaluate PERL-snippets or simple date arithmetic directly in (almost) any app via the Service menu.This means you can evaluate arithmetic expressions like:

			123.456 * 123=
... or repeat text easily
			":-) " x 50
			"=" x 80
... or use your PERL skills to do more advanced stuff
			use URI::Escape; uri_escape("this is malformed &forURI ()#€");
			`system_profiler SPSoftwareDataType`

"Evaluate date arithmetic" -service lets you evaluate simple date arithmetic. You an calculate the number of days between two dates with the "..." -operator.

			today ... 12/24			
Alternately, you can add or subtract time intervals: hours(h), days (d), weeks(w) or months(m):
			12/24 - 173d
			tomorrow + 5w
See EvaluatorService in action: watch video.

Please note: before first use, the services need to be enabled in System preferences. See videos for details.

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